Saturday, May 28, 2011


It is a small world
when i saw you twice
in in different places
without a light in my mind,
i was a kind of blind
but was aware later
and don't wan't to write any letter
some thing took me into you
just wanted to meet you again
as i was missing you so much
i was known that i could never find you again
i broke my mind word
and said 


love is like a prints on stone
it can never be erased
even if that is done
the shape of it does changes

missing you

The heart missing someone
would reach for someone
but will never forget the one
who stab the knife of love
in to the peaceful heart
it takes long to heel
it moves like a cart wheel....
even after deserved a good one
but never let go the one
who had hurt the one
who was madly in love 
with the other one!


Friday, May 27, 2011


The past smile of yours
would invite a tear on my eyes
because something is missing
something had been lost
that was carved in the past
the eye lids of mine is wet
by the thoughts of heartbeat 
the beat that describe  you
that you have been missing
with the sweet smile !!