Thursday, June 2, 2011


The distance within the hearts 
The distance within the eyes
The distance within the palms
The distance within the paths
wish would end up soon.
moment the time together
we danced like feather
during the cool raining weather.
It's bad to see
everything fade away in the sea.
Wish would hold the hands
by breaking the distance 
of land and heaven!


During the feel of calm
During the time you see the pen in my palm
During the moment i search 
During the second i feel depressed 
During the fall of my tear 
During the blotting of my ink pen on the paper
During the letters form words
During the words utter a meaning
During the present without you!


Tuesday, May 31, 2011


I wish,you,think about me,
atleast, once before your last breath,
even if you don't think about me,
I'll be the one beside you,
before your last breath
If you seem to love,
I would like to be me.
If not i'll love you
until my last breath
where I'll be beside with you
until your last breath.



you gave me everything
your smile
your love
your happiness 
your pleasure
you took everything from me
my pain 
my tear
my worry
my stress
my depress
with my heart and vanished!
now,to whom should i confined?
where will i find the shade?
with what shall i live?
when you don't belong here
and belong to heaven!


The play of life
pushed me to you
the magnetic eyes of yours
meant 1000 indescribable words
that made me fall in love
you gave me your heart
i promised i'll give you my life.
my soul,thought etc.. is in a threat 
says to give me to you,
but where would i find you?
when you have been lost from this world,
leaving me all alone,
to cry to you,in front of your grave!!


Sunday, May 29, 2011


the secrets of my heart
was reveled to these walls
the pain i'm feeling
the joy of happy
the words of hurt
the drop of tears
the ring tone of your call
the horn of your car
was a mystery to the natives 
but was reveled to these walls